About us

BARLETA exists in the Romanian packaging market since 1994, where we consolidated our position as main packaging producers and with perseverence succeeded to gain the trust of our customers.

We have implemented ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities thus conforming to the required quality standards. We use the latest technology in our production system and we are one of the few manufacturers that implemented the FSSC system, an EU safety guarantee for food industry packaging.

Today, we sustain our position in the Romanian market with a complete portfolio of products, which can be customized based on the preferences of our customers and partners. Wanting to expand our presence as a market leader in the European region, we collaborate with our partners from Romania, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Great Britain and other countries, providing with high quality products for several industries like: pharmaceutical industry, food industry, construction industry and many others. 

The evolution of BARLETA is based on a continuus progress, mantained by an amazing team which today reaches out to 200 talented workers. We are involved in manufacturing, distribution and sales of our products.

From the beginning, we committed ourselves to make use of high quality processes in order to best respond to the demands of our customers and also our employees and the community in which we live. This must be one of the main reasons why BARLETA is today the number 1 packaging company in Romania.


BARLETA’s aim implies to be one of the most respected companies, a company that always acts in the interest of our partners and customers, the community in which we belong and least but not last, of our own team.

Today's business environment is continuously changing, and BARLETA works on maintaining its leading position. For that reason, we acknowledge that valuing and encouraging change, permanently investing in sustainable technologies and maintaining lifelong learning will translate into a competitive advantage.

BARLETA prepares for the future with a long-term vision, shaped by respect and devotion to its partners, constant adjustment to market requirements and continuous improvement of services.

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Our values

The culture within BARLETA company encompasses values and behaviors that add to the unique environment of our organization.  These values ​​underlying our culture, remained unchanged in the past 20 years.


Integrity - We operate in an ethical manner, guided by moral principles that ensure fairness and respect for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Commitment - Working together with a team of talented and competent people who have permanent access to self-development opportunities, we are motivated to bring added value to our partners.

Innovation - We believe that business success depends on our ability to constantly adapt and improve. Therefore, in the past 20 years we have invested in enhancing the skills of our team and integrated the most advanced technologies.

Responsability - The respect that we owe to the community in which we evolved is reflected into our actions. Thus, our focus is to reduce the effects of production on the environment and maintain high standards of health and safety for our employees.


It all started in 1994 in a time when the Romanian private sector was blooming. BARLETA rose from the long-term vision of 4 young engineers, and it was one of the first private production companies.

Our first customers were mainly from the printing industry, as we concentrated most of our resources on selling raw paper. Later, the demanding market allowed us to grow and develop new production facilities which created the conditions for the establishment of a new and flourishing business in the paper-packaging industry.  This decision attracted 3 more investors which are still part of the company today.

The amazing journey we experienced involved great passion, dedication and pursue of the goal to develop highest quality products. From the beginning these were the main values of our company, in order to serve as best as possible the needs of our customers. Year by year, we adapted our strategies to market requirements in order to grow and keep up with the latest technologies. This allowed us not only to provide the best quality on the market but also to run our business in an efficient and sustainable way.

All these facts contributed to the birth and growth of the company over years. Today, BARLETA is a powerful and secure company, always driven to meet the needs of our customers, which is why BARLETA is regarded as the most important provider of packaging in Romania.