In Barleta packing these types of products keep their taste and freshness. The paper we use is of the highest quality and can be printed easily, making it a good medium for advertising. Depending on your requirements, we can use a special greaseproof paper. Optionally, we can add a transparent polypropylene micro-perforated window, allowing moisture to escape, thus maintaing the products texture, appearance and qualities.


Dimensional range falls within the following limits:

  • face width (A) - 10 - 30 cm

  • gusset width (B) - 3 - 12 cm

  • height (C) - 15 - 73 cm


The packagings can be manufactured using the following types of paper:

  • 40 g/mp Greaseproof paper

  • 40 g/mp Bleached kraft paper

  • 35 g/mp Brown ribbed kraft paper


Customized / non-customized

The packagings can have a PP window of 20 microns, with the following width measurements: 5, 10, 15 or 20 cm.

The print can be made up to 6 colors.

The bags are packed in 3 or 5 layer cardboard boxes. 

* Each product is accompanied by declarations of conformity to standards.