In manufacturing the packaging for bakery products we use the highest quality paper so that the bread, croissant and bagel maintains its freshness and texture. The packaging can be made of environmentally friendly paper and be customized with your brand. Optionally, we can add a clear polypropylene window that could highlight your product. We can also apply a special coating resistant to oils and fats. 

Dimensional range falls within the following limits:

  • face width (A) - 10 - 30 cm
  • gusset width (B) - 3 - 12 cm
  • height (C) - 15 - 73 cm

The bags can be manufactured from the following types of paper:

  • 40 gsm greaseproof paper
  • 40 gsm bleached kraft paper
  • 35 gsm brown ribbed kraft paper 

Customized / non-customized

The bags have 20 micron PP window width of 5, 10, 15 or 20 cm. 

The print can be made up to six colors.

The bags are packed in 3 or 5 layer cardboard  boxes 

* Each product is accompanied by declarations of conformity to standards.